My approach to creative leadership is to break, build and deliver.

Driven by curiosity, I have always loved to break things apart, see how they work and figure out how to put them back together even better. This didn’t work out so well for my mom’s hairdryer when I was six (sorry, Mom). Since then, I have learned how to harness that curiosity for slightly less dangerous endeavors.

All too often, I have seen projects fail that had great people on the team, for no other reason than they were hindered by arbitrary constraints. Gathering the right people is only a small part of building a stellar team. Building teams that deliver high-quality projects is done through respect, challenging expectations, and empowering people to try new things.

I have learned that it is more important to deliver the things that people need, rather than what they want. Every client comes to the table with a list of what they like or don’t like and they have the “perfect” solution and would just like it executed, please and thank you. However, very few have actually really hit upon what the core problem is. Get past all the noise and really listen. Mixed in to all of the requests and suggestions, you will find the real problem that needs your expertise.

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